Carriage Driving Resources

•   CarriageMart ClassifiedCarriageMart Classified’s website is designed with the horse carriage driving enthusiast in mind. Browse our driving related articles, or the myriad of carriages and driving horses and ponies for sale, or place your own for thousands to view. Location: Canada, Ontario, Oakville• is a bimonthly webzine dedicated to topics of interest to the carriage driving community […]

Western Performance Directory

• is a web site dedicated to the cutting horse industry. At Cutters Net you can find everything from stallions and cutting horses for sale to the latest show results from the cutting horse industry. Also, offers affordable Website Design – has designed websites for some of the most elite ranches in the cutting […]

Horse Racing Supplies

•   Regal Sulkies R.J. Walsh and Son, innovative manufacturers of Regal sulkies, chariots, dog carts, suspension jog carts, miniature horse carts and team-to-pole race vehicles. Located in New South Wales, Australia. Location: Australia, New South Wales, Padstow•   Alpine Manufacturing Inc. Alpine MFG makers of wood jog cart shafts, race bike kits, mini horse show carts, and wood sweat scrapers. Alpine Manufacturing, […]

Equine Dental Supplies

•   Kruuse Group Global supply of products needed for the treatment and care of animals. Over the years Kruuse has developed or distributed more than 6000 different articles, which are used in connection with the care of animals. Location: Denmark, Fyns Amt, Marslev  •   PowerFloat The PowerFloat is an adjustable, multi-purpose, electric float used in equine dentistry by veterinarians worldwide. The leader in gentle dentistry. Location: Canada, Alberta, Calgary  •   Worldwide […]

Horse Stable Equipment, Horse Stable Supplies, Barn Supplies

•   PJP RubberPJP Rubber was established in 1992, specialising in the supply of high quality, durable rubber slabs for use in stables and other animal enclosures. All our products are British made from 100% recycled rubber. All Slabs/Mats are One metre square (3′ 3″ x 3′ 3″) Stable slabs are 45mm thick (inch & three quarters). Location: United Kingdom, Manchester, Pemberton•   High […]

Equine Management Software, Horse Barn Management Software

– TesioPower TesioPower is a product of Syntax Software, a Gold Coast, Australia, company who specialize in pedigree research software but also produce systems for businesses using Microsoft Visual Basic, Access and other Office products. Location: Australia, Queensland, Isle of Capri •   Argus Development Argus Development manufactures horse show management and points management software. ShowPro and OrgPro. ShowPro is a hunter jumper horse show software program. OrgPro, […]

Farrier/Hoof Care

•   Will Lent Horseshoe CompanySpecializes in Manufacturing and Sales of Draft Horse Shoes and Sale of Products for Farriers. Products Offered: Die 1 Scotch Bottom Shoes, Die 2 Scotch Bottom Shoes, Die 3 Shoes, Die 4 Shoes, Draft Horse Shoes, Mule Shoes, Pony Shoes, Steel Saddle Horse Shoes, Aluminum Saddle Horse Shoes, Tools/Equipment/Supplies, Anvils and Anvil Stands, Forges […]

Breeding Equipment Suppliers

•   Select Breeders Services Provides equine reproduction services for stallion owners including equine semen freezing, frozen semen storage and distribution, embryo freezing and other horse breeding services. Locations in US, Europe and Australia. The SBS network is comprised of veterinarians and reproductive physiologists who share a commitment to provide the highest level of customer service, quality control […]

Devices and Equipment to Help Train a Horse

When you begin to train a horse, you will use your natural aids of hands, voice, weight and legs. Besides those tools, you may find the use of artificial aids beneficial when trying to communicate and train a horse. Although technically, the saddle and bridle and other tack like a martingale could be included in […]

Everything You Should Know about Basic Horse Care

Keeping records on your horse or horses is a responsible thing to do. Knowing his baseline temperature and heart rate will help you determine if he is under stress, ill or a problem developing. We recommend keeping a logbook on each horse. The records should include injuries, illnesses, vaccinations and any tests and their results. […]

5 Tips for Traveling with a Horse

First and foremost, take the horse to see an equine veterinary shortly before traveling, typically within 30 days. You’ll need this check-up and a Coggins test to get the health certificate/equine passport that will allow you to cross state lines. Take this opportunity to talk about things to watch out for and best practices to […]

Equine Therapy has Been a Win-Win for Decades

Most often, equine therapy is talked about and marketed for its potential to heal people. Whether it’s veterans, troubled teens, people with disabilities, or specific medical conditions, or others who get health benefits from caring for and being around horses, it’s not hard to understand why the focus is on the human good that comes […]