Alternative Therapy Centers

•   Light Therapy for Horses and Dogs
Equine Light Therapy, affordable care for every animal. Safe, effective, affordable, easy to use light therapy pads for horses, dogs and all animals. Our goal is to provide quality light therapy products that are safe, effective and affordable, great light therapy products for both horse and dog owners and for health care professionals and trainers. 
Location: United States, Tennessee, Murfreesboro

•   Equine Alternative Health Supply
Alternative Health Care products for Horses. We sell alternative, natural horse health care products for laminitis/founder, metabolic disorders, insulin resistance, and cushings disease. Herbal Formulas,cold therapy, natural horse care books, topicals and more. 
Location: United States, New York, Elizaville

•   Equi-Stim Leg Saver
Equi-Stim Leg Saver has more than 50 years experience in providing the best bowed tendon, horse hooves, equine arthritis, horse OCD, equine hoof, laminitis and navicular treatment. Equi-Stim Leg Saver repairs the hoof at the cellular level. When a horse has laminitis, founder,quarter crack, puss pocket and abscesses the injured cells are under functioning as a result have a lowering of bio-electric activity, which causes a reduction in oxygen and blood supply. The Leg Saver’s wave form polarizes the cellular membranes and increases the flow of nutrients too and toxins from these damaged cells, which increases the oxygen and blood supply to the injured hoof. 
Location: Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver

•   Centurion Systems USA & Canada
Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy, and Low Level Laser Therapy, in both the human and veterinary field. Veterinary Therapy: Magnetic Therapy, Laser Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Massage Therapy, Centurion Ice Gel. The Centurion therapy products have been in the marketplace since 1979. The Company was established in Alberta, Canada and rapidly expanded to Eastern Canada and the United States. Presently, Centurion is well recognized worldwide, having offices and dealers in over 22 countries, and still expanding. 
Location: Canada, Alberta, Calgary

•   Centurion Systems UK & Ireland
Pulsed magnetic, laser and respiratory therapy equipment. Specializing in a range of equipment to treat various human, equine and canine related injuries and conditions. The units are easy to use, reliable, robust, and affordable for all applications. The range includes: Magnetic Therapy for the treatment of soft tissue and bone damage; Laser Therapy for the treatment of open wounds and connective tissue; Respiratory Therapy – the New Transpirator II – for the treatment of respiratory problems in the equine. 
Location: United Kingdom, Antrim, Ballyclare