Breeding Equipment Suppliers

•   Select Breeders Services
Provides equine reproduction services for stallion owners including equine semen freezing, frozen semen storage and distribution, embryo freezing and other horse breeding services. Locations in US, Europe and Australia. The SBS network is comprised of veterinarians and reproductive physiologists who share a commitment to provide the highest level of customer service, quality control and leading edge technology for their customers. 
Location: United States, Maryland, Colora

•   Montana Westwood, Inc.
Manufacturer and Distributor of Padded Equine Stocks and Phantom Mare breeding mounts for veterinarians and the horse breeding industry. Located in Trout Creek, Sanders County, Montana, United States. 
Location: United States, Montana, Trout Creek

•   Bio-Flite Containers
Bio-Flite Cooled Semen Containers – Inexpensive, Advantageous (Bio-Flite allows for shipment of 120 mls or 2-50 ml sterile bags in a single container), Disposable, Lightweight (weighs only three pounds, low shipping fees), Easy-To-Use, Complete (contents include Polystyrene container, 2 sterile syringes , gel pack, instructions, improved durable shipping carton and a shipping label), Semen Extender. 
Location: United States, California, Anaheim Hills

•   Hamilton Research Inc
Hamilton Research, Inc. (HRI) is a pioneer in the field of transported, cooled semen. As the developer of the Equitainer, we have been at the forefront of the transported semen field since its inception. In addition to the gold standard Equitainer, we also offer the disposable Clipper for equine semen. We also have developed the Rover disposable shipper for chiled canine semen. 
Location: United States, Massachusetts, South Hamilton

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